Contractor Demo Plus, Inc.

Has been on campus!

Tell Vanderbilt Chancellor Zeppos to stop using Demo Plus around our students!

Call the Chancellor’s office at (615) 322–1813

or email at Chancellor@vanderbilt.com

“I realize how close to death I was working for Demo Plus.”
-Former Demo Plus Employee

On at least one occasion, state safety inspectors claimed that four Demo Plus workers were exposed to asbestos and the company had no record of hazardous chemical training. Many workers, when asked, were unaware of hazard communication.

Can we trust this contractor around our students?

“My mother was driving and a building collapsed on her catering truck, but she feels blessed that she is alive.”
-Daughter of injured woman from wall collapse

Demo Plus has been in the news with headlines like “Wall Collapses onto Car in Downtown Nashville: Woman Injured.” The injured woman’s lawsuit alleged that Demo Plus “negligently, recklessly, and carelessly pulled down an interior wall”. This wall fell into the street, crushing her vehicle and she was rushed to Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Can we trust this contractor around our students?

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